Purchase is under review?

Hello, so i recently bought a csgo skin off your website which has been “under review” for over 24 hours. Money has been withdrawn from my paypal account but i havent recieved my item. I havent been given any additional information regarding my purchase, is something wrong?

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We’re still reaching out to Under Review transactions from the weekend. If we require addition information, we should be reaching out to you by the end of today.

Your support system is total garbage. I have 4 purchases that have been waiting for the review to be lifted on for 2 days now not to mention Every purchase that I have made goes through review immediately and I have to wait for up to 2 days sometimes for your automated system to give me my instant codes. Now correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t INSTANT mean delivered right at that moment of purchase? why yes it does but wait??? if I purchased over 2 days ago and your system has charged my paypal account but not given me what I’ve paid for after 2 different sternly worded support tickets then you sir can NOT call transactions Instant if you have to go through the gates of hades to get what you paid for!!!

I apologize for the inconvenience, but these measures are in place to protect you and your payment. Please note that instant delivery for a listing has nothing to do with your payment and the payment process itself. That is for the listing itself. To futher let you know about how we handle the actual payment from your payment source, is that you are technically not charged during this process as we have not actually processed your money into our account. On your end you’ll see a pending charge, but this doesn’t mean it actually went through.

Furthermore, if your payments are continuing to get caught up, there’s some anomalies that are being found with your information. Please make sure all the information you input (billing address, name, etc.) is correct.

We are continuing to focus on refining this process to not only give a better and quicker buying experience for situations like these, but to also to continue to protect people’s payment methods.

well all of my information on my paypal account is caught up, legit and has money on it so whatever your system thinks its catching is completely bogus. I buy things with my paypal account all the time and never have any issues as my account is verified in every way possible. I don’t see why your having a problem and not just pushing it through instantly as its supposed to be. I switched over from using prepaid credit cards to using my paypal account as I thought this would be an easier way to pay and not worry about your review issues when I buy instant codes. Apparently I was wrong and furthermore I read that your system is no longer going to allow random steam codes to be purchased after july 1st so when Can I expect what I paid for to be released? I want my purchases before you remove the listings.

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P.S having a business without a tech support number for customers to get ahold of you for issues like this is completely unacceptable. It’s 2016 get with the times.

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All purchases before this policy change will still be valid and the Seller can issue this if that’s what you purchased. Also, if you are changing up your payment method, then this can easily be a reason why. This is all in place to make sure that whoever has created the Gameflip account is actually the same person with that payment.

As for the support number. This is not feasible at this time as you may not be aware, that this not only cost money but resources. Which we are still a small team right now and get 100s of tickets a day which all need to be address as well.

I have a new credit card and ever since I got it every order I have placed has been placed under review, but when I had my old one this NEVER happened! I have had my account suspended FOR NO REASON WHAT SO EVER. I have not done anything worthy of a suspension. I wrote two notes to you guys 3 days ago and have not gotten anything back. This app was cool at first but it’s just stupid at this point.

I AM HAVING THE SAME EXACT PROBLEM! COMPLETE CRAP! I have never had a website or app be this inconsistent

Hey please refer to the link below for more information to why your purchase is under review: