Under Review - Anything I can do?

Ive been under review for the last 21 hours or so and was wondering if there is anything i can do to speed up the process. Support contacted me 2 hours after the transaction and i responded just 1 hour later. However, its been 18 hours since this and was wondering if I should contact support another way to speed the process up a little bit because I want it to be finished since I bought multiple items and don’t want to wait til monday because support doesn’t work over the weekend.

what the ■■■■ is wrong with gameflip support staff https://gyazo.com/665925975a8b746ad037da712ad5c680

The Second i cancel all my purchases and say im going elsewhere they push through my purchase after I replied to them over a day ago about the information they needed. But no, the only thing i can purchase now is the key, since i rebought that earlier to test if rebuying did anything and nope, and couldnt cancel that purchase cuz it wasnt under review long enough after rebuying. So i tried rebuying after they pushed “all my purchases through” and they all got put under review again even though i used the same card. WTF is wrong with their system honestly. Do they only respond to hostile nature? Is me trying to follow the rules not good enough? You only care when you are about to lose business?

Well they responded fast after that initial push through but my god. Either it was terrible timing or something is seriously wrong with how they respond to hostility vs obedience.

I agree, my paypal funds went under review for more than 48hours and in the end they just cancelled it without any solid reason! Still triggered asf

Hello @Anthony, I think it has nothing to do regarding “hostility vs obedience”.

It is based on the quantity of requests they receive. The more requests they receive, more time it will take to a ticket to get answered.

But they try to answer as fast as they can to answer all the requests received.

They’re system is so jacked up. I’ve been having the same issue and sent a msg to support and they have yet to reply…