Orders Under Review (Fed Up)

So I wanted to purchase a couple of gift cards both valued under 50$. Now the orders have been under review for 3days now. I also tried adding funds 250$ just in case I spot a good deal and use the current 15% off promo. But its also went under review so I just canceled it. I have spent over 4000$ using the same payment method that is Paypal yet time to time my order was placed under review (usually when large funds are added to the wallet). This time though even a 5$ funds addition is being put under review and I am honestly fed up. Its unfair to the sellers for their money to be held up as well as mine. I have positive 59 rating with no negative reviews. My code is 8TDBQ5

If you’re fed up with the random under review then update your profile with the information they need. Verify

Here other helpful link. Why is my Purchase or Add Funds under review?

I have submitted phone verification documents so many times. It clearly shows my PayPal account linked and the phone number registered with gameflip. I cant get the address to show up on the billing information . Each time it gets rejected .

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