Gameflip Scammed Me Out Of My Money

So, I created my order for H1Z1 King of The Kill and my order took to long since it was under review. My friends told me it was stupid to cancel it so I just added $10 to my balance through Add Funds and I was charged on my card yet it still says under review in my Balance Transactions webpage. Just add my ******** cash and let me buy my game, this company keeps screwing me over. Please help.

Hey, a purchase goes under review due to many reasons, such as a different address you used when paying compared to the one you registered within your account or any inconsistencies with the payment information.

These reviews can take up to 24 hours during week days and 48 hours to be completed during weekends.


When it’s under Review, your money isn’t taken out of your PayPal or credit card. It’s just placed in “reserved” by PayPal or Credit card while they review.

Your transaction is being reviewed because there’s probably mismatched information or something like that.

Also if you added these games, you’d have more money to get a bigger staff.

I just got scammed by gameflip to!!