Under review again!

Hello, I don’t know what is going on but I’m a very active buyer on gameflip…I went through verifying my cards, my phone#, my ID and EVERYTHING else I was asked. Everything was fine up until a week ago. I was under review…Got my deposit “APPROVED” about a hour later. Yesterday all 3 of my deposits were up for review!!! Finally this morning the 3rd transaction was approved. Then again about a hour ago…Under review!!! These are the same 2 cards that were verified over and over again. Is it just me or it it happening to others. It sucks because sometimes you wait a day or longer. My account is perfect never declined never nothing.

Hello, maybe it could be because your depositing too often.

Reference you could take a look at - HELP !! Add Fund goes to under review every single time , In spite of everything being verified

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Sounds exactly whats happening to me. I do make deposits every single day! I didn’t think it would flag my account. You think it would show my account was good.

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I’m sure yours will get approved everytime based on what you wrote. That is in place to prevent things like fraud.

There are instances where some scammers use other people’s card. That can prevent them from adding large amounts or many small amounts in a day because it will go under review which will protect the orginial person.

Even though everything has been verified, if adding funds too often or huge amounts, it may still go under review. It is just an extra protection just incase it was not you who did it.

Please try to stick to one forums account as well. Thanks.

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Hello @Valerie_Lopez,

If the system flags a purchase due to a high dollar amount or something suspicious such as logging in from a location very far from your billing address, they may contact you to verify the purchase.

As @Sparkling_Juice has said, being under review can also occur from adding funds more than regularly, and Gameflip will stop some funds to make sure that everything is fine.

Reviews can also be caused by discrepancies in payment information or failing to enter the correct verification code. As time goes on and the system recognizes your purchase patterns, the reviews should occur less frequently.

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Ok i made a 25.00 deposit and under review again. How do I update my phone #

Hello @Valerie_Lopez,

First of all, I insist that you don’t make multiple accounts, especially with the same details and name.

It seems to me that your reviews are happening very frequently.

  • Are you using different cards each time?
  • Is there any details in your account that change frequently?

These could be a result of why reviews are happening so much on your account.

Below, I will leave attached info to further explain why this is happening, should you need it.

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To Update/Change phone number, you will need to contact Support.
Here’s Support link - https://gameflip.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

Thanks for the info

No same 2 card all the time. I added 50.00 last night and again under review.

Hello @Valerie_Lopez,

Do the details on your Gameflip account change regularly or more than a few times?

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Hello @Valerie_Lopez,

The issue is you are trying to add funds many times in a short of period of time, this will cause the reviews to trigger.

With the verificaitons you passed, you will have this verificaiton less and less.

There is no way to stop you getting reviewed by our system less, only passing it will decrease how many times you go under review.

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I found a way to avoid that now…Im still using my PayPal card and bank card, but through Google Pay!! Made 2 deposits today. One for 100.00 and 1 for 25.00. Both went through within seconds!! Something to share if it happens to someone else with the same problem I had!! @Sparkling_Juice @Aeralo


Just when I thought everything was fine…Under review again. Google Pay keeps telling me to update my address…Update address?? Been living in the same house forever. Took paypal off of Google Pay and tried re-adding. Didn’t work so I just used my PayPal account that has been verified now im under review. I should of added more money right away because now I need other stuff and have to make another deposit :sob:

Hey @Valerie_Lopez,

Sorry for the inconvenience this has caused.

Could you please provide me your invite code so I can take a look into your account?

I will check i anything can be done to reduce the reviews on your account.

God Speed! :trident:

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