Deposited 300 under review

I deposited 300 dollars and it keeps getting put under review even after verifying my card . Invite code is WKTS6C


This thing about under review mostly happens to new users on the platform, same happens when someone new wants to withdraw money via paypal which may takes up to 2-3 business days. The most succesfull sales/purchases your account has, the less time you will have to wait for adding funds and/or withdrawing. If your are not a new user like i said, contact @DunnBiscuit with your invite code via PM. He will probably answer on Monday (they dont work on sunday/saturday)

Its a huge amount added in 1 try maybe why it was flaged.

Try making smaller add funds. Like maybe 100x3 vs 300x1

Verify account can still go under review just more unlikely if you’re verify.

Lucy :heart:

This a bummer knowing that I love this site because of their fast transactions and thought it differed from paypal.

Unfortunately, since you couldn’t provide the information requsted to verify the pruchase, it was canceled.

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