Need help i deposit but its on review

Hello good day, i am new here, i recently add 190$ fund through my paypal and right now it is on review, 2 days ago i add 10$ and its on review, but there was an email that i can confirm with 4 words code, and after that my money goes right to my balance. But this time there is no email that i can confirm with code, is it normal? how long does it take to review my add balance? i have done my identity verification.
My account code : 6BCETS

It may take up to 24 hours during week days (but it usually takes a lot less than that)
The first funds you added was small. The 2nd funds was much bigger amount.

It may take little longer on weekend.

Lucy :heart:

aah thats too bad, thanks for the answer though!
can @DunnBiscuit help me with this case sir?

Yes @DunnBiscuit could but moderators rarely reply on weekend. I’m not saying they won’t but you may need to
:black_small_square:︎Wait into the email / review go through
:black_small_square:︎ Most likely wait into Monday for a moderator to reply.

I will pray it go throught soon.

Lucy :heart:

okee i’ll wait, thank you for your help Lucy! Have a nice weekend! :grin:

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It is still goes under review :frowning:
Is there anything i can do to make it faster?

I’m in the same boat, I’m pretty sure support team takes weekends off so there’s no chance our deposit will go through until late tomorrow.

What really annoyed me too I sent in my bank details to be confirmed but they declined them as apparently I didn’t read the instructions carefully… on the app they ask only from and back holding in my hand but nowhere does it mention I need to send one with my face too. So I sent it a second time and been waiting nearly 48h to be verified…

i recently cancel my 190$ add funds and add a lower 100$ funds to my wallet, though it may dont need to get review if i add a lower amount, but it does get review, can you please help me approve my payment sir @DunnBiscuit ?

PLEASE NOTE that canceling and re-buying will increase your review process time frame.
Why is my Purchase or Add Funds under review?
Most likely you will get a reply first thing in the morning.

Lucy :heart:

Ah too bad i did not know that, thanks for the info sir! ! should be more carefull next time.

Anytime I would say if you want to add alot of fund try breaking them up into smaller amounts.

Like if you need $300 try doing 3 x $100 but if this makes you worry it may go under review try doing $100 here wait a hour add other $100 then wait a hour and add the last $100. There still a chance it may go under review but more unlikely but huge amounts maybe get flag being the site maybe making sure all good before dropping the review.

Lucy :heart:

Yeah thanks for your tip, i think i was reading your comment on someone’s post about getting to verified everytime he add funds, so i tried to add a smaller amount but unfortunatelly i do not know if canceling my order will get longer review in my next add balance lol. My bad.

no moderator is online today :cry:

You will mostly get a reply in a few hours. Like I said they rarely reply on weekend. They sometimes do but being this weekend was Saint Patrick’s day I was most certain they wouldn’t.

Lucy :heart:

oh what time is it in your timezone?

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