Pending? How can I fix this??

Went to put money in the wallet, and it’s been pending. Is there a problem? Can I do something to avoid this?

Most likely its under review.

If you adding fund keep going under review its better to do This

This will make it not go under review as much. (Regardless if you do this there still a small changes it will go under review but highly unlikely)

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How long does it usually take to get out of review?

If you’re worry you can PM @DunnBiscuit they’re a moderator

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How do I go about doing that? Says I can’t send messages to this person

My apologies for a long wait for a reply. I was little busy.
To message people on the forum you need the basic user title. To get this title you need to look around the forums for like 10-15 minutes after little time looking around the forums you will get the basic user title and after you get that you simply check someone name it will take you to the profiles

DunnBiscuit’s Profile (They’re a moderator)

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It took me 2-3 days when I first joined the site