Added funds to wallet -- under review

Hello, i just added funds to my gameflip wallet, but when i go to my wallet theres nothing there and it says its “under review” when i check my activity, but the moneys been taken out of my bank account. Any gameflip mods on?

not on sundays. as it states, its “under review”, so please give it 2-3 business days.

Same happened to me. I added funds and it said "Under Review. One day later my Account was suspended for nor reason, the money is gone and i dont get any help from the moderators…

same, how long to worked?

im still waiting, theres like no customer support…

I sent a ticket 5 days ago but no one seems to have survived :smile:

If you file a chargeback, your Gameflip account may be suspended. You need to wait business days for the funds to be reviewed. If it has taken several days then you can ask a moderator to check by posting your invite code.

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Im still waiting i was talking to the other person and joking