My funds under review

I might add im new.

I’ve just added 20$ to my wallet for the first time but its saying its under review…

How long does it take to go into my wallet for the first time?

Hello! Welcome to Gameflip since this is your first time!

This will help you -

If your verified etc, it will be faster. If you have a lot of ratings as well, it will also help.

Have a Good Day!

Hey @The_Wonderer_Code!

Could you please provide me your order ID, so I could take a look?

God Speed! :trident:

Funds review seems to be so common why not have the identity verification as part of signing up? I have it with Blizzard Entertainment and several other items. TBH I mostly just don’t want unnecessary travel and or contact with random people as there is a pandemic going on. I can save about 2$ vs. going to Costco for the same item but alas I also am in funds review limbo. I feel your pain.

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This is because not everyone who signs up are above 18. ID verification is currently for 18+. If it would be part of signing up, the requirements will change and affect other factors as well. Fund review affects new users the most because their new to the community/gameflip. As time goes on and they buy a lot etc, the timing for reviews will lessen etc.

Being ID verified will sure help reduce fund reviews. However, being ID verified doesn’t mean your funds will not be reviewed. Funds will still be reviewed like in this case. HELP !! Add Fund goes to under review every single time , In spite of everything being verified. Depends on a lot of factors.

I understand but funds review is still needed to prevent frauds/suspicious activity etc.


hey my mom doesn’t let me verify because its too much personal information that she doesn’t trust, could you verify me another way? it would be very helpful because i would like to continue buying off of gameflip but i cant get my account reviewed, thanks

Hello @WinterZ_toxic,

Could you please provide me your invite code so I can take a look into your account?

Also, are you under 18?

God Speed! :trident: