Added funds under review- again

I had added funds to my account a couple of days ago, and it had to go under review, so I had submitted my document verification. I was able to get my funds and my document verification approved. Today I had just tried to add more funds to my account, but it makes no sense to me that it is under review yet again, as I had already had my documentation verification approved, and I am using the same card to purchase these funds again, I don’t understand why there’s so much of a delay and would like help asap. Thank you

@DunnBiscuit @TheFuBar

The moderators need your invite code to know who you are on the site.

Do you have a verified badge in your Gameflip profile?

Invite code: GCTV3L

Only have my card verification, i dont know how i feel about putting my ID number into here.

I think the issue is that you may have entered some inaccurate or fake information, so your transaction got flagged as suspicious, triggering the request for further verification that you actually own your credit/debit card and you authorize the purchase.

There’re too many frauds online these days, so if you wish to stay private, it’s unlikely you can make digital purchases without giving more of your information.

People don’t get asked for more information with physical purchases because fraudsters can’t ship to fake physical addresses, but it’s a whole new world for digital purchases.

This wasnt an issue with the last purchase, is it possible to have somebody look into this if there’s a mod here? My debit card information is correct and has been used here before and confirmed verification. But if it comes down to me not being able to get the funds I have purchased with my own money, I guess the only solution would be to put in my ID if I’m requested to do so, as I cannot ask for a refund or my account will be suspended from what I have been told

Ah I believe that the “inaccurate or fake information” is due to me making a new GameFlip account because I was unable to log in to my last one for some reason, and I had made a new Gameflip account with an alternate email with a play around name. Is there a way I could PM one of you?