Payment Verification Under Review?

I tried to add funds into my wallet but had to verify my identity with the documents it stated i needed to provide. I’ve done this and they even got approved but the money is still pending? It’s a nice amount of money so i’d just like to know why it’s still being reviewed and/or how we can go about resolving this. Thank you.

@DunnBiscuit Can you help me?

The moderators will need your invite code to identify you on the Gameflip website (this is a separate forum).

what do you mean by separate forum? Can you clarify? Like do i need to make a separate post or what?

While this is the official forum for gameflip, the accounts between this forum and gameflip are not linked so the administrators here don’t know who you are. You don’t need to make a new post, just edit this thread to include your Invite code.

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