Wallet funds pending/under review. Please help.

So I added $700 to my wallet in order to try and purchase an item. Now whenever I try and add more funds the transaction is immediately under review. Why was I able to add $700 and have now hit a wall? I don’t want to be stuck hundreds in my wallet if I’m unable to buy the item in time. Can someone please help? My invite code is GZ4Z3F

Hey again, like I said in your thread previously there is a fraud prevention system in place to ensure the buyer, seller, and Gameflip are all protected.

Have you already completed your payment verification?

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Hello. There is no 4 digit code next to the purchases on my bank statement. It only reads “PAYPAL *GAMEFLIP”. When I check the email associated with my paypal account. no 4 digit code can be located. Also, I have submitted my proof of ID forms. I included a picture of me and my ID along with a note as requested by Gameflip support. I have also included images of my credit card as well as phone bill.

So the funds were finally approved. I have just tried to add another $35 and of course, it is now under review. Am I going to have to take selfies every time I want to add funds to my wallet? My Identiy, phone and credit card have an approved status from Gameflip.

Its great that your previous funds were approved! You might continue to be put under review with each funding until all verification methods are met. Though I’m not 100% briefed on how that side of Gameflip works so you might want to wait for a moderator or supports feedback on that.