HELP !! Add Fund goes to under review every single time , In spite of everything being verified

Hello ,
Every single time I try to add funds It goes under review .
Eveything in my profile is verified including the source credit card and paypal .
I need to buy some cards urgently .
Is there anyone here who can help .

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Is your identity information verified too?

To avoid repeated payment reviews or increase your payment limits for PayPal and Credit Cards, you need to verify your payment ownership and identity information by logging into Gameflip and go to Menu > Wallet > Verify. Your information will be encrypted and kept securely on our server.

Avoid repeated payment reviews and acquire increased payment limits. Note: you need to verify both your payment ownership and identity information.

Its the weekend so most likely you wouldn’t get a reply into Monday.

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Yes, My identity , phone and credit card is verified which I can see in my profile as verified too and I have also verified my paypal by replying to the support ticket
I don’t think they would give you a reply for sometime being you need the money at the moment

“If you have both Identity and credit card verified (the card you actually use for purchase), it doesn’t mean your transactions won’t be reviewed, just that it’s a lot “less likely” to be reviewed.”

Keep a eye on the review being it could go though at anytime.

We will add @DunnBiscuit to this and they could give you more help if they check the forums in sometime.
Its weird your fund keep going under review being you got all verified

(When I add funds myself normally I add around $50-100 at each time. I never add anything over $100+ at once when adding funds. I don’t know if that helps me or not but seen to help in my opinion)

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Thanks for your input .
I have been trying to add 300 , maybe thats flagging it often .
I am indeed using the same verified card for funding .
Really appreciate your comments .

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Adding that much in 1 transaction “may” flag the system.

Maybe next time add in $100 in 3 different transactions = $300.

The way I do it is I add transactions over time.
If I need $300, I would add $100 then wait a 30min or a hour then add other $100 then wait little bit then add the last $100.

I use gameflip as a saving kinda of. In the end I will use all the money so its not going to waste, plus it does not hurt adding funds if you know you going to use it in time.

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Yeah , That makes perfect sense .
Thanks for the tip .

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So , Its been 2 hours now that I got a response
“After looking over everything, we’ve gone ahead and pushed your recent purchase(s) through and taken them out of review.
The transaction will now be processed as normal.”
The funds still dont show in my wallet . Order still shows as under review .
I dont quite understand this . @DunnBiscuit

Being they said they will push it through keep a eye on it.

If it come off please post saying its no longer under review.

Lucy :heart:

Still Under review . I guess they just said they will push it through and forgot to take it out of review .

I personally took care of your case.

The issue is you are trying to add funds many times in a short of period of time, this will cause the reviews to trigger.

With the verificaitons you passed, you will have this verificaiton less and less.

Thank you.

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