I need help please!

I tried purchasing $10 on game flip and the money never came through

You added funds? On the bottom right corner of https://gameflip.com/wallet/usd/deposit do you see its status as “Pending”, or the funds aren’t in the history at all? If it’s pending then just wait for support to clear it for you. Post your invite code if you need help from a moderator.

It doesn’t say that

If it doesn’t show pending, then your add funds may not happen. Do you have an Order ID or any kind of receipt when adding funds?

Yes I do in an email

PayPal sent me a msg saying I spent $10

Post your invite code and Order ID so the moderators can help you. If you want to keep those information private then private message the moderator.

3SQAZK is my code

I’m not sure how to check my order code srry I just start using Gameflip yesterday

Click that Add Funds: $XX.XX USD text on your https://gameflip.com/wallet/usd/deposit page and it will go to the details page. There you’ll see “Transaction ID”.

Do you see that “Deposit Transactions” table on your screen? What is the status of the transaction (third column)?

There is this which doesn’t make sense considering less then 24 hours ago I already verified my paypal

Click on “Add Funds: $10.00 USD” and you’ll see the document submission forms. If you already submitted the verification then just wait for the moderators to approve it.

Ok ty very much you have been a tremendous help

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