Adding funds pending

I’ve deposited $35 and I’ve been waiting for 8hrs but it still just says pending. What do I do? Am I not qualified to add funds?

It’s waiting for support staff to approve it. It should be approved in a few hours, if not post your invite code so a moderator can check it.

Okay, thanks. I’ll just post my code here now: B86JL6

Hello! I just checked and we sent you an email with instructionson how to verify your purchase.

Please check it and answer it so we can continue to help you further.


Did you send it to the right email? Mine in

Gameflip sends email to the exact same address you entered when you first registered there. Have you ever verified your email address? Have you checked all your inboxes?

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Since you purchased using PayPal, we sent the email to your email that is linked to your PayPal account.

As I checked, since you didn’t answer our verification email, the transaction was canceled.

If you have any questions or issues, please, let me know.


Its all Okay now. I got refunded for some reason, idk what. But anyways, thanks for your superb customer service :slight_smile: