I need help. Please

Hello @DunnBiscuit !

I just ordered again through paypal and there is under review again… I have given my documents before. Could You please help me? Thanks

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Hello, whenever you have payment issues, please contact our support team directly:

It will be faster, sicne they are constalty checking the incoming payments.

Thank you.

It really takes long. Please fix my account. Some buyers get impatient and back out of trade or leave negative feedback

@DunnBiscuit now again… seller is pissed and might cancel.

I normally never buy from people without having already put the money in my Ganeflip funds.

To me its not a waste being regardless how much or often I add funds I will always use every dine in the long run.

I do this for 3 reason.
• It makes buying people from people faster because being I already have the funds on my gameflip account it wont go under review when buying from seller and the seller wont get mad. (Yes added funds to a account can still put it under review when adding it but being its just me adding funds I can wait for it to stop being under review and no seller will get mad)
• If the buyer cancel the order or I open a dispute and win I will get my money back immediately being it was from my funds and not a paypal or credit card
• I think its smart to already have the funds on the account being its can be a saving being you cant withdraw it or spend it on anything other then gameflip. (I got a spending issue so this helps me have money to spend on gameflip when ever I dont got money irl for whatever reason)

If you add funds here and there and do it to always have money on gameflip dont over do it because you cant withdraw it and can only be used on gameflip.

Lucy :heart:

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I buy stuff that is very cheap so I never know how much money I would need. I have my paypal money for purposes for big stuff I buy from people. My stuff is verified and Id just like to have my account so I can buy anything immediately with paypal.

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Very cheap I mean big deals for cheaper than usual

I hope @DunnBiscuit can get it fixed.

I normal add like 250$ each week to have the funds if needed.
Monday 100
Wednesday 50
Friday 100

Sometimes i spend all 250 a week sometimes I spend half of it but the next week I will still add more funds regardless if I spend all 250 or not.

You never know when a good deal will pop up and you need to buy it right away and don’t want to risk a under review or a cancelled by seller and have to wait 3-7 days to get money back to my credit card or paypal
Funds > credit card / PayPal

DunnBiscuit will reply to you very soon. :slight_smile:

Lucy :heart:

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When its cancelled I get my money instantly back to my paypal. And im ok to wait to get my money back I have enough in but I need to have my trades done instantly

I just checked your account and while you don’t have the cards you have on your account verified, your account will be put under review.

If you need more information on how to verify and why you need to verify, please contact the support team as I suggested.

Thank you.

What cards? The payment just went through. I am using paypal. I gave my documents that were required.

And what do You mean my account under review? Whenever I buy stuff or what?

2nd time happening that I order something, put the order under review for approximately 5 hours and they get approved automatically

Please tell me so I can give the required info. I dont want any issues

I just bought another 3 items. They are under reviee too. I contacted support 2 days ago no respond

There is no open ticket from you. Can you tell me the ticket number via pm? Also, as said, to get further information, please contact our support team by opening a new tiocket or answering to an old one.