Payment Under review need help!!!

Dear @MajorTom,

Please can you clear my account for payment under review for this best buy gift card. I already vertified my identity. I gave everything you guys asked for, and I haven’t gotten an update from help desk in 24 hours. This is beyond frustrating, I am irate! Profile code KNQ483

@DunnBiscuit can you help with this?

Hello bro

You paid with paypal? if you paid with paypal just go to your email and you will find everything there

Hello x2ndCitySaint,

Since you already have your ID and payment source verified, this will really mitigate the chances of your next purchases to stop under review.

Also, I can see that you already sold some gift cards that are not allowed on Gameflip. For a list of allowed gift cards that you can buy/sell, please check the link below:

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