Purchases under review even tho i've bought and sold thousands.

So long story short , I used to use gameflip alot with no issues at all, until I got a second listing removed , now every order I make goes under review.

I find this pretty unfair because i’ve spent and sold thousands of dollars worth of items without any negative review and both times I had listings removed were 2 different items that I didnt even know were forbidden. I didnt relist them once I found out they were against gameflip tos.

Can this be resolved? I’d like to be able to purchase on gameflip again without having to wait days for orders to get reviewed

Profile Code : M353B8


I verified your account and found that you were selling a forbidden Gift Card, which in this case you are only allowed to list the following non-gaming Gift Cards:

Allowed non-gaming gift cards:
Best Buy
Google Play
New Egg

Also, I found that you were selling the IKONIK skin, which is not allowed because you have to request sensitive information from other users.

For these reasons, your account was flagged.

This can be resolved, if you promise to stop selling forbidden items. If not, your next warning could be a suspension.

God speed!

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please fix this

Hello again Bert!

I have given you a second chance and removed the flag from your account.

This should reduce the chance of your account ending up in review.

God speed!

:trident: New forum moderators!

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