Any purchase I make after I was banned is held under review. Please help

Title says it all. I buy “Instant delivery” amazon giftcards ALL the time. But ever since I was banned on accident and got my account back all purchases have been out under review for hours up to days. Same payment method as before. This is extremely inconvenient as I buy amazon codes when I need them to buy groceries hence why I buy instant codes.

My code is GV53MX

Also have an open ticket for other no response for days:

Ticket: 608720

Hello @Stefanie_Gutierrez,

Moderators can check your ticket to help speed this up.

I think that your purchases are being held under review as you were banned.

The system also randomly puts purchases under review. It is inconvienient, but the more you complete these reviews, over time the system will not place your purchases under review as often.

How can I contact the mods or is there a way to tag them?

Hello @Stefanie_Gutierrez,

To tag someone, use the @ then their username.

These are the moderators on here that can help you: @DarkKnight / @MajorTom.

They won’t have an instant respond since they already deal with Gameflip Support.

New forum moderators! :cloud_with_lightning:

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@DarkKnight or @MajorTom could you guys help me out please? Thank you!!

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Hello @Stefanie_Gutierrez,

I will be glad to help you out with this issue.

As soon as I verify, I will inform you here or through PM ok.

God Speed! :trident:

Hello @Stefanie_Gutierrez,

I have checked and can see that the Support Team already resolved your issue.

Hope you have an awesome day!

God Speed! :trident:

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