Selling item removed by Gameflip

@DunnBiscuit one hour ago i received email from Gameflip .

Hi Lucifer ( online ),

We have detected the following activity on your account that are in violation of our Terms of Service:

Your gift card listings have been removed. We have received reports of listing spamming and forbidden gift card listings left by your account on the Gameflip marketplace. If you continue spamming and listing forbidden gift cards you will get suspended. URL:

Please be aware that continuation of the violation can result in the loss of your account. We strongly encourage you to review our Terms of Service and make corrective actions.

-Team Gameflip

Gameflip takes the stress out of buying and selling video games and items. Have questions? Contact us through the help section.

**i read gameflip policy deeply , and as per policy i didn’t done anything wrong , i didn’t violate any gameflip policy . Gift cards i am selling are online usable cards . i am selling digital card not physical . and in every listing clearly mention these gift cards online usable . all my customer using cards without any problem no one complaint yet , then what’s wrong with gameflip . why my all listing removed . i am not spamming any where in gameflip . don’t know what’s wrong with gameflip system . **

please resolve this issue i don’t want to be face this issue again , and i am not relisting gift card until this issue completely resolve ,

My Profile Code TVHG2A .

Hello Lucifer!

Sorry for any inconvenience, but unfortunately you were selling and are selling some forbidden Gift Cards, in which we will have to give you a warning again.

If you have read the Gameflip policy, why aren’t you following the rules stated in the following link?:

Also, be aware that for a listing bump, a period of 24 hours is needed, so that it does not count as spam and also gives everyone a chance to sell their products fairly.

:trident: New forum moderators!

you mean hotels. gift card? @Lucifer

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