violation of our Terms of Service

I got this message for my listing and I dont know why. This isnt first time. I want explanation

Warning: Your activity violates of our Terms of Service: Your gift card listing has been removed. This type of gift card is prohibited on Gameflip. This is the last warning, next time your account will be ban… Please make corrective action to avoid suspension.

Is your gift card on this allowed list?

Ok, I saw that already. So I should type all the informations about that gift card and where to reedem it and how. I listed AMC gift card and it got removed and another is sold. Can I then sell AMC gift card or no beacuse they arent under allowed gift cards right now? Im now scared to try sell it with all information beacuse I dont know will I get banned or not and I dont want to get banned.

Since AMC isn’t on that list, that’s probably why you were warned. I am guessing you managed to sell an AMC gift card because it was overlooked by moderation that one time.

So should I list again with all informations or no. I saw a lot of these listed.