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Why is my purchase under review i have always used the same credit card and my id has been verified

This is all for security matters, next time try to make transaction on one single device (same IP) same account same card, and notify your bank (credit card) to allow you on that transaction as always, sometime under review is on your bank side and sometime on gameflip side

If your credit card or bank card already charged, and it says under review, it means the money is in gameflip hands, it’s just reviewing it, since you cancelled, your money will be back as commonly believe in banking industry, 3-5working or banking days

Hello @OrangeTooth630,

Could you please provide me your invite code so I can take a look into your account?

Keep in mind that when an order is cancelled while in review, the purchase is voided.

This means that you might not see separate entry on your statement showing funds returning.

Instead, the original charge might be deleted from your statement as soon as your bank completes the declined charge process. Most banks complete this process immediately while others may take up to 14 days to complete.

Some banks do not support manual authorization hold requests. Please note that the final decision to release the funds before the authorization expiration date is always made by the issuing bank.

In cases such as this, the issuing bank waits for the authorization hold to expire before the cancellation is reflected on your statement.

Also, @adamnatalie04, keep in mind that when the order is in review the amount has not been charged yet. The amount on the payment provider stays on hold until the review is released.

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