ID Verified, purchase continues under review and then get cancelled.

So, I’ve been trying to purchase some gift cards, I was requested to get ID verified… didn’t want to use my drivers license… so they cancelled the purchase. I purchased again, got approved with my ID Verified using my government ID, with some information redacted… but my purchases keep getting cancelled by gameflip… what gives?

My Code: RC6VVM

I’ve placed tickets, but haven’t received a response… probably because its the weekend, I don’t know.

EDIT: We can close this… I was able to finally get one of my purchases to go through, but another is still under review… but at least they aren’t getting cancelled anymore without an email.

You have your phone bill approved by gameflip?

@adam_saber Yes

I get the under review thing, but its kind of annoying, especially once you become fully verified on everything. lol

Hey Madman sorry this might be unrelated to your question , but how often do you purchased cards on gameflip ? i would like to know to avoid something like this , i feel like there is a pattern on how the system detects these things , maybe like a timer in between purchases?

@Ayyo Its the dollar amount. If I purchase anything under $100 it doesn’t trigger anything. Once I purchase the $500 ones, its constantly under review, but I don’t purchase many, at least not high dollar wise.

Oh i see thank you , it seems i triggered the system as well , i tried to purchase another 100$ so i was thinking its probably related to amount of times , but i guess its more amount wise

Ah, i understand they will solve it for you but send to them Ticket and they will understand it.

Hey MadMan!

Topic is being closed as requested :wink:

Also, be aware that these reviews can be caused by discrepancies in payment information or failing to enter the correct verification code.

You may be asked to verify in the future but as time goes on and our system recognizes your purchase patterns the reviews should occur less frequently.

God Speed! :trident: