Why are my purchases being placed under reiew

Hi I have been purchasing Gift Cards from Gameflip successfully for the last 8 months without any issues but yesterday all my purchases have been placed under review. I received an email from support today asking me to upload my ID and send a reply stating that i authorise the transaction. I have sent the I authorise the transaction message but do not feel comfortable sending my ID.

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You don’t need to send the ID over email, you just need to verify under your account. You can block out majority of the information, they just need your picture, name and DOB. (Can block out the last number of the year, I did and it worked out fine for me, but I was born in the 80s… so they can easily tell I’m over 18)

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Hey espaceprofond!

Could you please provide me your invite code, so I could take a look into your account?

Also, keep in mind that, in order to avoid repeated payment reviews or increase your payment limits for PayPal and Credit Cards, you need to verify your payment ownership and identity information. Your information will only be used for processing payments and is encrypted on our server. If you are not getting the verification email, you can also verify your account through your Gameflip wallet.

If you have further doubts, please check the following link:

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