ID Verification Process ?

Hi so i recently purchased a card in the morning , i decided to buy another one but they asked me to verify , i send in all the info , picture with a drivers license with my face in it , back and front of drivers license , now im waiting for the process to be fulfilled.
i have 2 questions regarding this ,
how long do these reviews often take ?
if my review does not finish / is rejected , what will happen to my purchase that is under review ?
Will it get refunded if rejected ?

My account code : WMBHAQ

If you submitted a picture with you holding a sign (has for gameflip with todays date) next to the ID and your face, it should get verified. As long as the information on your account matches, like address and name.

This process doesn’t take too long, just depends on how busy they are, I submitted it and 10 hours later it was verified.

if it is rejected, then your purchase will end up getting cancelled by gameflip and the money will be refunded to you.

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Thank you very much my friend ! I didnt write the date for the gameflip paper thingy but i did have gameflip on the paper :smiley: Hope that works

If there was no date, it may get rejected for that.

Just type the date on that paper also put the id card on that paper when you take a pic for it.

I just got ID Verified ! :smiley: thank you guys ! Also , for some reason my purchase is still under review , however i did receive this email from gameflip support telling me to reply to it within 24 hours to make sure i authorized my purchase , i assume my purchase will go through soon ? I replied to the email already , they have yet to respond but i assume they will soon


@Ayyo Yes. This is you authorizing the purchase, if it hasn’t already it should be cleared and approved if you said yes, authorize to it.

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Congrats buddy. <3

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