Verified Account still needing Verification when buying?


I’m new to Gameflip but have made a number of high dollar purchases already.
I made a $66 purchase, then a $90, $90, $89 and $89 transaction.
My next $88 and another $88 transaction needed verification. I am now verified (ID, phone, and credit card) as I received emails confirming this.

I have made numerous purchases since and they all have needed verification still (take selfie with credit card by your face and using your finger to cover the number except the last 4 digits). They were manually authorized by Gameflip and pushed through afterwards.

My latest purchase of 4 x $55 USD is under review and I need to do this and send in a signed note as well authorizing the $220 purchase. I don’t have time to keep on writing notes and taking selfies for Gameflip. I have since cancelled these 4 transactions as the seller cancelled a previous $55 transaction that got approved prior because I’m assuming they didn’t want to wait for these 4 purchases or something…

I thought the Verification steps would help bypass this issue? Is there something I’m missing?

Thanks for your help and time in advance.


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Just bought another 2 x $87 items and they are under review again.

Being verified doesn’t guarantee that all transactions can go through immediately. From what you’re describing, it looks like you’re doing a purchase binge “a number of high dollar purchases already”, which seems a bit unusual. That’s not to say it’s not legitimate, just looks unusual. Thus, the system may see the same .

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That for your response and explanation. It makes sense when you think of it that way.

I hope that there is a mechanism that will bypass this verification once someone has bought a lot and has been no issues with these transactions.

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Like everything, it takes time (to bypass verifications) after you’ve established a track record.

In the world of digital transactions (especially available globally), it takes only seconds to encounter frauds or scams. Unlike the physical world where you need to wait for days to the shipment, things just move too fast digitally.

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I feel your pain. All my purchases have totaled less than $70. Transactions proceeded smoothly, with no verification for several days
, when suddenly I “needed it”. Why? I don’t know. So, I went through the pain in getting verified on phone, VISA card, and identity. Feeling confident, I tried to buy something and add money to my wallet. It used to add it immediately. Now, it just doesn’t work. It’s like the verification was a total waste of time. Sad, as I’m about to quit Gameflip as this is pathetically sad. Help is sparse and it doesn’t help that there is ZERO phone support!!