i have a verified account but every time i go to purchase it goes under review

i have a verified account but every time i go to purchase it goes under review lately. then i get an email saying that gameflip needs more info or something. this just started about 2 weeks ago or so. so basically i cant put money on my account or purchase anything

and now my transaction was canceled by gameflip when i tried to buy something… what is going on?

That did email come from the address no-reply@gameflip.com ? By having a verified account you mean you have submitted ID documents and was approved? The moderators will need your invite code to help you.

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There are two types of verification, one is only for that transaction (ex: find the code in your credit card), and the others are identity, payment (credit card or paypal) verification (and phone verification too).

If you verify your identity and the payment card(s) that you frequently use, your future transactions less likely go under review. Essentially, you’d be whitelisted. On the other hand, verifying only for a transaction does not whitelist you. Also, if you use multiple cards, they need to be separately verified (see Menu > Wallet > Verify and you see each card has its own verification).

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yea im sent them a picture of my i.d. and got verified and now my account got suspended because of this which is ridiculous when its something on their end

If you got suspended it was because they found you to have broken a rule. Were you selling accounts or selling Rocket League items in the Fortnite section?

You need to browse the forums for 6 more minutes to unlock the private message feature, then go message the moderator the phone number you registered on Gameflip so they can look over it.

Nope neither, I sold one fortnite item which was a legit fortnite item

This is odd.

Please PM me your invite code, so I can check it and give you more information.


ill tell you what, im just glad i withdraw all my money as soon as i get it, just from reading these forums of people losing thousands of dollars for getting banned lol, its ridiculous that there isnt some sort of system in place, especially for verified sellers to dispute getting banned