Please help me with Purchase (MODS)

I am posting this here because I need the help of a moderator. Since transactions without verification get closed within 24h and support takes 2 days this is the only place I can think of.

There is simply no 4 digit letter code on my bank statement

Order id:96b15b77-129e-4840-a22f-e60e0c8a6177


Hello, please contact our support team here:

Thank you.

Contacting support does nothing. It takes 2d for them to respond and by then the transaction is canceled

If you contact them as soon as the purchase goes under review, the team can check the ticket before it is canceled.

Thank you

Just did and still no reply within 12h :). Order was cancelled.

The last message we got from you is from more than 48 hours ago. I’m afraid we perhaps didn’t receive the message.

I recommend you to verify your account by following the steps found in the link below, this will help avoid this kind of situation.

Hey DunnBiscuit, I see you helping many people and I really wanted your help.My ticket is #436550,can provide u any other info u need but u should be able to see it all.I have sent in all of my information,attached everything as required.They said the images were not all attached correctly,I resent the email and I also replied within 10 minutes of the support response.Can you please help me fix this as soon as possible.Also,I want to know if by doing this verification I am safe for future purchases using the same information incase I need more than the balance I initially added since I already missed an item at the price I tried to add…Please get back to me on this topic or via messages I have no other way to ask for help.I am waiting for support patiently,please.Thanks DunnBiscuit ur awesome!

Sent in a ticket. Would love to get it reviewed :slight_smile:

Hello, if the support team doesn’t answer you after 2 business days, please let me know via PM.

I can check it further then.

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