Under Review for Over a day

Hi, I bought a gift card about a 30 hours ago. I have bought 8 gift cards and 1 game code over 2 months as all my purchases and never had a problem.
The gift card I have just bought is put under review and have been for 30 hours. I was not asked for payment verification and if possible, I don’t want to give document verification as I am not a seller, I am only a buyer. As long as you get the money, which you have for the past 9 purchases, shouldn’t it be okay? I don’t see why you need my face and bills or something. I’ve never opened a case or anything or tried to scam people or put a negative review on anyone.
Also, a possibility my purchase is under review might be because I bought it from a different country. I went on a flight yesterday and I usually buy from the USA, but I bought the gift card when I was in Hong Kong. I don’t know if that will affect it.
I paid with Paypal btw.
Order #: 8329af3c-e442-4938-a7c2-4147e9b9ceb1
Please help me.


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weekends taking long time verify payments

My transaction was just cancelled…? Why? Will this happen again if I buy something else?