Under review and super long time

Ok so basically I’m buying a wonder skin code with a prepaid card that I got at Walmart and it’s all just way too difficult but I need help. The customer support here is so bad like I can’t find an actual human to answer my questions. The point is, my order is on review and the bot has contacted me asking for a four digit code or whatever so I check the activity of my card and it says pending on the transaction but only two numbers so I’ve sent a screenshot of the activity as they asked as an alternative but this is just taking WAY too long.

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yes me too all my purchase go to under review

i have send proof id and pproof crédit card and its approved but all my purchase goo under review

and my last purchase has now 2 day in under review without any reply or mail from gameflip

there is any admin here ?

To make your purchases stop going under review, you need to verify your Card. If you’re buying gift cards, you may need to be ID verified.

like i say
my id card its verified and appproved
myy crédit card its verified and approved too
but i have now ppurchase from more than 48 hours in under review

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