Gameflip is canceling my listings way to frequently

I sell lots of items to people ut there has been at least 20 situations with people trying to buy my listing and being canceled, and trying again. I know this is Gameflip’s fault because I have talked to these people and they tried to buy multiple times. Most of these people were new buyers but I don’t know if that matters. Why is Gameflip canceling so many of my listings?

it’s buyers fault they need to verify there payment when gameflip email them as we got that as will it’s not u as gameflip try to avoid people with stolen credit cards and stuff like that

write your complaints regarding this issue here please

This issue is still Gameflip’s fault. If it was mandatory to verify your payment BEFORE someone buys something then it wouldn’t happen as much. Many new people don’t even understand that they have to verify their payment and can’t even navigate the site.

yeh i know i do loss like 1/4 sells bc of this buyer buy and it’s under review for like 24/48h then canceled as they will need to improve the system

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Yes, that is why IT IS gameflips fault. It is extremely easy to have buyers verify their payment right before their purchase. It should be MANDATORY. That is all they would have to do and then there wouldn’t be any problems.