This is ASININE! Is there a customer support number?

I made a purchase and now it’s “under review”. WTH is there to review? It’s a purchase made with a Visa Gift Card and it’s under review asking for pictures of me and my ID? really? what is this going to do for you, but I did it.

Now it says it’s going to take a few days? I made an online digital purchase for a reason… I didn’t want to drive to the store and I didn’t want to wait. Now it’s gonna be a few days and my funds are tied up with this crap show. This is unacceptable. What is a number so that I can call and get this taken care of? We have put up with the constant scammers that you cannot get under control and then wait to be refunded, usually in a few hours or less, but that not the point. But if this is how paying customers are to be treated, I will be done with GameFlip. We should at least have a number to call for these issues.

You should put new sellers through this ID verification, not established customers with all positive feedback that only make a few purchases every month or so. Then maybe you would not have so many scammers.

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yes… It is quite rare that support are not available today… And they should be connected

The funds will usually be added within 24 hours if its under review.
This step is usually taken if one has a new payment method or a large addition of funds .
Its best to add small amount gradually to avoid this .
If it happens one , the chances are one will get this similar review more often .
Adding small amounts gradually helps .
Also having ID , phone , payment verified helps too .
I personally find it very annoying too , but they must have a reason to do this .
Unfortunately nothing can be done . I have been in similar situation .

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