Payment verification, how long before order gets cancelled?

Well, my first purchase was smooth because I think I added it to gameflip wallet first.

This 2nd one though I decided to just go ahead and do it directly and now gf has asked me to send a 4 digit code from my credit card electronic statement. The instructions said it should be sent within a few hours. From my experience though, its not just a few hours and might take a day or 2. I dont know exactly when the bank post it, its been more than 9 hours now and its still not there.

Question is how long does it take before order gets cancelled? I actually dont want the order to get cancelled and get a bad record or something. Just waiting for the code but I need more than a “few” hours.

u don’t got no poor rates or nothing and not sure maybe 24-48 h i guess or longer as i do mostly use funds to buy

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Thanks if its 24 to 48 hours I should be able to make it.

Order got cancelled. Darn it! gameflip should give more time for verification.

it takes about 24 hours.

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