Some talk before quit Gameflip

I had been use Gameflip for almost two months, I used to believe Gameflip is convenient various game trade platform. But in recent something happened that make me really disappointing. My order is keeping under review frequently, I have no idea why they need you verify again and again. During process, it is always taking them forever to deal with you question. if you are lucky, it may takes your 1 or 2 day to get your order done. But if you are unlucky, you may takes one and two week for dealing with your order. One my experience, I bought a itunes code from a seller but my order is under review, Gameflip took 2 days to finish my verification. But in the end, seller can not wait and resold the code to others, And I am waiting two week for getting my order cancel.During those two week this is no way for getting feedback from customer service, they are totally disappear. it is really just waste my time, and disrupt my plans, every time is too late after they deal with your question. So I gonna quit Gameflip rather than waiting forever to buy an item.

Sorry to hear about these delays and reviews. We’re implementing some changes on the back end that will prevent repeat reviews after certain information has been verified.

Can you PM me your Invite Code and ticket number so we can take a look at your refund process?