I am trying to reach some type of customer support through gameflip

I have been trying to find some sort of instant customer support through game flip. Seems like there is No Such Thing. I e-mailed gameflip but was told it may take 2 to 4 business days to get a response (Absolutely ridiculous). If anyone knows how to get a hold of (CUSTOMER SUPPORT) Please let me know.

The moderators check and reply to these forums daily. Leave your invite code so they can identify you on the website.

If you browse the forums for 15+ minutes (antispam) and get a “Basic User” badge, you can go to the moderator’s profile and click the orange “Message” button to directly message them.

What did you need help with?

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My invite code is 589QSA

I need help with a transaction. I have 47 good feedback ratings and zero negative or neutral. I’m in the processes of trying to sell to a guy who doesn’t let me know when he will be on or give me his Gamer Tag (Xbox). It has been 23 hrs and he just responded telling me to cancel the order… But as to my knowledge if i cancel the order i will not be able to get a positive feedback. I have a Perfect rating on gameflip and don’t want it ruined by some dude that will not pick up his order.

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If the seller cancels the order then no feedback is given. But in case you do get an unfair feedback, you can ask the moderator to remove it.

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Thank you for your feedback bro. I’m surprised you’re not a moderator you seem to really know your stuff!!


I’ve received negative feedback on a cancel. Sometimes (not exactly sure when) the buyer is given the option to rate a seller after they cancel.


Since you don’t have any verified e-mail, I’m unable to find your ticket(s). If you created one, please contact me via PM and let me know about it so I can try to help you further.

Thank you.

How do I pm u about a dispute is there a phone number I can call?

I only recieved partial delivery in a transaction and feel I should only pay part of it not the full price

Can u pm I dont know how I’ve been trying to figure it out transaction number is

Just look around the fourms for little bit and you will be upgrade to basic user then you have the power to PM ppl. After become the basic user click @DunnBiscuit profile pic and you see message to them

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