Is there a contact number for Gameflip?

Hello,just wondering if there is contact number for Gameflip? As I have wrote a few tickets out with no response and the moderators seem to be busy. I need to resolve the login failed problem ASAP. Please somebody get in touch and let me know. Thanks.


Unfortunately, there is no contact number. You can only contact the support team via tickets or PM us. If you sent me a PM I’ll answer it soon.

Thank you.


Hey can u please help me every time I try to sell a gift card it says “account not ego or to publish this listing” please help my invite code is FGZ3L2 please help I just wanna sell my $50 psn code

There’s been new requirements for selling gift cards:

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Can you or another mod assist me as well please?

Go to the moderator’s profile and click on the orange “Message” button. Post your invite code and issue in the private message.


Ok. Thank You.

Can a moderator get in touch with me. I have tried the listed steps to contact one but am having no luck

The moderators need your invite code to help you. Make your own thread and put that code in so they can look up your account.

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Invitation code. LNMNYD

I just got this problem a couple day ago about final payment approved. The gameflip merchant keep blocking my transactions cause they get noticed from chase bank. Also, i have called bank to authorize and verify this issue. Bank allows everytime to call and prove this issue. I think it is not from my bank credit card. Do you have any suggestion how to confirm a final payment to add fund? I have attached file picture to show you. Please help me to clear any resolve the issue. Also, How can I directly contact you? Thanks

The card administration already confirmed the card can be used and ready to use . The problem from merchant is Gameflip .

I think you should contact the support of Gameflip.

Ticket can be created/submitted at New Ticket(click me)

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Hi, I tried to contact you guys, but since there is no phone number, it gets difficult. the verification application is begin rejected and I have submitted twice with multiple ID docs. I submitted ticket as well. but no reply to it. pls advise.
thanks here you can contact support.

I did already. no reply yet

Hello, can you send me your invite code so I can help you further?


you want me to send you here? I don’t know how to send a private message here. on your profile here doesn’t show me any option to send a message. pls advise.

The message button will be available when you click on the moderator’s avatar icon and have a “Basic User” badge, which is unlocked after browsing the forum for 15+ minutes. Or you can simply post your invite code in this thread.


so now I have a new problem. account is verified and all 3 methods have been approved.
placed an order for a gift card and it now again says, I need to get verification done. clicking the OPEN button takes me to the verify tab that shows all my 3 (ID, phone and card) methods are verified/approved.

my invite code is RSWFXD.

pls advise.


My invite code is 85EW4G

What problem are you having?