Is there a contact number for Gameflip?


I am a new user and have only bought one item from the app beforehand, I try to purchase a game from a user that I now believe is a scamming account and was fool by the account and my payment was taken and I didn’t receive my code the payment is still pending and after calling my bank I was informed I cannot even dispute the payment since it is still being processed and the only stop to this is through the app I was hoping if you guys can stop the processing payment from going through because I have almost no money in my account after this purchase and this period of waiting just to dispute will take much longer.


Did you open a dispute or create a ticket? Don’t complete the transaction if you didn’t get a working item. Please wait for support staff to resolve this. If you dispute with the bank, your Gameflip account may get suspended.

Have you already completed the transaction? What is the Order ID?


Because I was a new user I’ve never knew about that so the user told me to leave my email in the comment section and press complete transaction so I thought this was what was suppose to be done. After that he never responded again.


If there was someway the transaction could be canceled that would be great since it’s still pending.



I noticed that your phone is from PK and you use an US address, can you tell me more about that?


Hello! Unfortunately nothing can be done regading the purchase since the transaction is already completed.

Regarding the seller, we suspended him already due to his actions against the community.



Hi again, Yes so I live in PK and I sent the ID for its verification as well. that is what they declined it twice.
I have a business in the US and registered LLC so I have the debit cards from there as well and thats what I use to buy anything online to avoid any currency conversion or high transaction fees from PK.

I lived and worked in the US and sent its driver’s license to you guys already that is approved.

I mean people can live in multiple countries right, its not fraud. lol


well, after wasting my 4 days, they cancelled the orders. seriously? They wanted me to write on a paper that I want to buy the gift card and then take my selfie and send you guys… really? does this thing even work? There are tons of other methods to protect things from scammers and hackers… why bother legitimate customers this bad? I provided all my IDs for verification and you guys approved… Come On!


As dar as I know it isn’t possible for a person to live in two countries at the same time it is physically impossible.

If you want to purchase something from Gameflip from PK, I suggest you to use your PK billing address. Your last transaction was cancelled since you didn’t reply to our support inquiry about the purchase.

You need to answer us whenever we send you a ticket regarding your most recent purchases, otherwise it will be cancelled.


yes, I did receive the ticket. and they ask me to write on paper that I was to buy the cards and authorize the charge. and then take my photo and send you back. crazy.


Hi Dunn my name is brendan and I recently cashed out to pay pall for about 65$, it’s been about 5 days and I realized when I made my pay pal it had the wrong email. If there anyway you can help me I’m desperate. I dont know what to do. Thank you


Please post your invite code so the moderator can look up your account.


My code is 219VBA


Are you able to help resolve my purchase being under review. I my email says “ We’re writing to let you know that the group you tried to contact (no-reply) may not exist” when I try to contact game flip. This is the third time I’ve tried to buy something and it hasn’t worked, and it’s getting very frustrating.


I need you to send me your invite code via PM, can you do that?

I’ll gladly help you further.