Cannot Contact Support

I bought from 3 people who have yet to message me nor send the item, read the guidelines to cancel and the cancel “button” did not show up and it has been 2 days since I bought the item, when I go to try to contact support because my account is linked with facebook it won’t allow me to add an email address which won’t let me send my support email to them… at this point I just want my money back.
sorry if i posted this somewhere where it’s not supposed to be, new to the forums (:

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Hey, please, contact us directly sending a request here:,



I know how you feel I bought two code’s from someone but that person won’t contact me or anything and my bank confirmed that I bought something so what am I supposed to do

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Hey, send me your invite code so I can check this transaction for you?

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X5DG63 is my invite code can you please help thanks so much

As far as I checked, this issue is solved alreay and the transaction was rescinded. Thanks!

Hi I have added funds to my wallet and they are never added and is always pending then canceled and the payments go through the bank and I have a lot of money to do so but then when I logged on I was suspended and still am and I can’t do anything and buy anything

Browse the forums for 15+ minutes so you can get the private message feature, then go to the moderator’s profile and click on the orange “Message” button. Give them the phone number you registered on Gameflip and state your issue in the message.

Hey, I’m having a bit of trouble as well,
I added 50$ to funds and it still says pending after a day of waiting, I would like to know my verification eta so I can purchase things. I used PayPal and called them and they said that they were ready on their end and said to cantact y’all.

Hey, can you help me with my funds being added?

If you added funds over the weekend or if it’s your first time then it’ll take longer. The moderator will need your invite code in order to help you.

Okay, my invite code is HG86V7