Your account is not eligible to publish this listing.

Today when i go to list my code and it say Your account is not eligible to publish this listing… can you help me?

Looks like a new restriction for Gift Card selling:


That’s actually pretty interesting. Hopefully we see less scammers across the board.


Same , i have alread a long and successful track record of selling on Gameflip

What should i do ?!

Could you check " GNUKZT " i have a good record already

Maybe not long enough? Have you been selling for several months?

It’s a lot simpler just to add a credit card to your account. There’s no charge, so no cost for you.

The problem All Banks in my country disabled all online creditcard transactions it’s something political here and i can’t do anything about it so i don’t really know what to do , only my +feedbacks can help me i guess ?

Perhaps get yourself ID verified then?

I already gave them mine when i choosed BTC withdrawals

Hello @XinosxFx, BTC withdraw is different from the ID verification process.

Please, follow the steps above if you want to get your ID verified:

As I checked, your account is not old enough as you said. So the ID verification would suffice so you can sell Gift Cards again.


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Done, now i will wait for them to verify

I need help on somthing!!! I can’t find a way to contact you! Please help

He gets only once every few days, you may consider pm him

Where do I pm???

If you have a problem, please make a single new forum post. Posting in multiple old threads will only confuse and delay the moderators.

To private message, you have to browse the forum for 15+ minute to get the “Basic” user badge, then go to the moderator’s profile and you should see a “Message” button. In your message, include your invite code and Order ID so they look you up on the site.

Can I send you a e-mail???