gameflip your account is not eligible to publish this listing

i’ve sold one gift card a month ago. Now it says “gameflip your account is not eligible to publish this listing”. I am from india. I have send and try to verify my id but it always gets rejected. I cannot sell google play gift cards anymore please help. Its very urgent

To sell gift cards, your Gameflip account must meet one of the following conditions:

You have added a credit or debit card to your Gameflip account (prepaid card is not included). Simply go to Menu > Settings > Payment to add a credit/debit card
You have added funds into your account after Jun 28, 2018
You have been ID verified
You have a long and successful track record of selling on Gameflip

Are you able to fill any one of these requirements?

I have added a debit card to account. And address is also verified


If you still have this problem and you haven’t contacted me already, please contact me via PM and send me your invite code so I can help you further.


i still have the problem brother. Twice i tried to verify.

what invite code are you talking about? i signed up manually

Your invite code lets the moderator identify you on the site, consider it your “short user ID”.