I’ve had my credit card confirmed but I still can’t add listings

Despite having sold giftcards before I’m not able to anymore. As asked, I went through the verification process of adding a credit card plus images of the card and was sent a verification email. I still can’t sell.

The requirements list :

To list and sell items on Gameflip, your Gameflip account must meet one of the following conditions:

  • You have added a credit or debit card to your Gameflip account (prepaid card is not included). Simply go to Menu > Settings > Payment to add a credit/debit card
  • You have been ID verified
  • You have a long and successful track record of selling on Gameflip

I’ve added and taken photos of my card AND had the acceptance email. Honestly what more do they want from me?

Ur card is included.

You may have to wait till later today or next. I think over the weekend they are not here to accept but then again others have reported even after they did this that they still haven’t received their verified check on account. Not sure whats up. Maybe @MajorTom can check it for you.

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Also @Ciara_Callan you may want to provide your invite code in here as I’m pretty sure hes going to need it. Good Luck :sunglasses:

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My invite code is ZYZJFM

Make sure your card is NOT prepaid as the requirement states. There are quite a few cards carrying Visa or MasterCard logos that are prepaid (and you can login and top them up).

These cards are considered prepaid and do not satisfy the selling requirements on Gameflip.

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Seems to be all sorted now, I think it needed more time to come in to effect. Thanks everyone :slight_smile:


Very niceeee!

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