Cannot verify credit card, cannot list items anymore

I have been selling on gameflip for 2 months now and have had no problems at all, until recently when i wasnt able to list any items. A pop up would say, “Before you can list an item, your account needs to be qualified.”, it also had a link to what you needed to do to be qualified and one of them was add a credit card. I had already added a credit card when i joined gameflip, but know it just automatically unadded it and when i put in the details again it said ‘BAD’ beside the credit card.

My code is ‘QC529J’

Contact the support here

I have, but they still havent replied

Average response time is 2 working days, if they don’t respond by that time message moderators with your ticket number so they can look into it.

Group of moderators

Okay, thank you