Your account is not eligible to publish this listing

Your account is not eligible to publish this listing

So i can’t post any listings, I have 100% good ratings .
Please send help .

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I think there is a lot of people facing this problem. Even for myself I have almost 400 good reviews and I couldn’t list my fortnite items. I logged out and now can’t sign in. They will probably do something about it soon.

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Same problem here. Hope it’s resolved soon!!

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Crap, i was going up on sales ;-; .


Please see my answer on this post:


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So i just need to add a credit card and pump a lil money into my account ?

I’m having this issue. I need help please!

im having the same issue im having 40 good rates and i added my credit vard verified my phone my cc my identity card and still cant list anything…

Do you see a verified badge in your profile? If yes then you should be able to sell. In does it say “Status Approved” for all of your documents?

Are you using iOS app, Android app, or the website? Try re-logging and see if you can sell.