Oh look, gameflip support not doing their jobs yet again.

As I’m sure all of you who have used the site for awhile are well aware, Gameflip support is a bit of a joke. So here I am making a forum post that will likely be ignored since apparently people who actually make this site money are meaningless to them. I received a neutral rating with a negative comment that was completely unjustified, I have the video to prove it etc and was written off by support and told nothing could be done because “its just neutral feedback”. Which is an outright lie because months ago I had the same issue and it was removed. They never watched the video that I offered to show them and now I’ve had negativity on my rating page for the last while. If something isn’t done about this I will definitely question moving forward with this site.
Getting help from these people is like pulling teeth.

The forum moderators need your invite code and the Order ID of the exchange that you got the neutral rating on in order to help you.

I gave one to a moderator a few days ago and have’t received a response, I also made a forum post and I can’t find it as if someone went and deleted it. Should I give that info (invite code and order ID) on a public forum or private message you? I’d feel more comfortable with the latter

It’s best to create a support ticket (if you haven’t done so) and give them the information about your order: https://gameflip.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

The forum is not the official place for getting support. Moderators can only give you limited help in the forum.

As the original post says, I went to support and they gave me a false decision. I know it to be false since I had a nearly identical situation easily rectified in the past. That’s why I’m here asking for help on what to do when support is not doing their jobs correctly, doesn’t review the evidence and then ignores you. It’s extremely unprofessional.

well i have problem 2 days ago, and gameflip support did their job i got refund in 1 day after send mail, as long as you send valid proof invite code and transaction ID, your problem will be solved by them

@nocompare - Our problems are clearly very different, and you cannot send a support request without that info in the first place, so that isn’t the problem. As I stated I already contacted them and was brushed off. The problem is they either misunderstood or ignored the issue, did not examine the proof I said I had and then ignored me when I inquired further into the matter.
They will of course ignore this thread as well because they don’t want to admit one of their employees made a mistake and hope I just go away. I’m not going to stop pressing this issue until the undeserved ratings (one of which has a false review) have been removed from my account.
I don’t deserve a negative review and I have the proof of it, they didn’t look at it and stopped replying to my ticket after only 3 messages and basically told me its no big deal. Apparently if someone leaves you a negative and untrue review and you have proof that you did nothing to warrant it, then you should just get over it and have bad ratings/reviews on your page because they can’t be bothered to deal with it. How unprofessional.

Please do not make assumptions that your thread will just be ignored.
Misunderstandings can happen, but I’ll need your profile code and the number of your previously opened ticket (you can send me those privately if you prefer) so I can check what really happened.
Not all negative/neutral reviews are just removed by us by request. We check the whole transaction, and some of them actually reflect the experience of the user, therefore we cannot remove it.
Waiting for your information so I can check this.

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I just assumed it would be because my last post was ignored.
The users “experience” consisted of him jumping in my match uninvited, trying to get me to drop items while we are clearly in the middle of something that he can see only has a couple minutes left, (also you cannot do transactions in front of people in case they take the items). The second the match ended, I took him to a private lobby and dropped his stuff. From him jumping in totally uninvited to when he got his items was around a 5 minute wait to get his things. I literally could not have served him any faster. Then he says I should have gotten on mic when he joined. Um no, Im clearly in the middle of a match we just spent half an hour on that he can see only has a few minutes left in it. Its not reasonable to expect me to stop what I’m doing to immediately go dig up my mic for a transaction that doesn’t even require one, for someone who wasn’t even invited to the session in the first place. Apparently that warrants a negative review and a comment saying I dont have a mic at all and I’m unresponsive. How am I unresponsive when I’m clearly doing a mission and the second its done I get him to a private match and drop his things? You tell me how that logic works. .
I tried typing in game chat but it was right after an update and happened to not be working. After I explained how you cant just jump into people’s matches uninvited and expect them to be ready to drop stuff especially in front of other players… he said “well I cant change it now” etc. So it sounds like after everything, he got where I was coming from and if the site allowed a rating to be changed I likely wouldn’t have had to bother you,
I will private message you the details, thank you for getting back to me…

well i got scammed by a buyer and support does nothing and i lose a 60 dollar code…buyer used and then disputed i provided proof of everything on my end. gameflip cancelled the transaction without even telling me they decided in his favor. Where the hell is the seller guarantee. i feel freaking scammed and cheated and will not sell anything on here again. kid had 2 neutral ratings and provided barely any proof of anything. i am so mad at this freaking site. Support does not reply to crap.

if gameflip can not offer sellers any type of protection from this crap what is the point of even selling on here. I could just go around apparently and buy codes redeem them dispute them then get my money back. i am so livid.

Please do not hijack someone else’s thread, if you’re willing to have me looking at it, provide your invite code, order id and ticket number, in private if you prefer.

I have checked the ticket about this neutral rating.
There is no video linked in any part of the ticket, you do mention it a lot tho.
The neutral rating says exactly what happened during the transaction and you mentioned the same. The buyer tried to talk to you over a mic, you couldn’t hear it, and he jumped on your mission. I can’t possibly tell what happened in game during this mission but it doesn’t look pretty by the messages exchanged between you and the buyer.
I agree with the support answer you were given and I will not remove your NEUTRAL rating because of this.
The buyer obviously wasn’t satisfied with the way he was treated, and I won’t surpass his experience feelings towards this to please you.
I’ll be checking about the other transactions you sent in my pm and inform you about the results there.
I would like to ask you to be polite, not only here but on your tickets as well. Support also has rules to follow, and we cannot simply change everything according to one’s desire.
I hope you understand this.