Unfair and offensive rating.

Hello ! I sold 10€ Steam Wallet 4 days ago.The buyer didn’t complete the transaction after.I kindly asked him to do it but he still didn’t.After 3 days , gameflip completed the transaction autamatically and i couldn’t receive the money for 3 days.For this reason , i gave the buyer a neutral rating and then he gave me a negative and offensive rating without any reasonable reason.Just because i gave him a neutral one. I’d like this reputation to be removed if it is possible.Thank you !

My Profile Code : 9DMJZ2

Wait for an mod or something to respond then they will help you out don’t worry.

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The unfair rating has been removed by gameflip . That was a very fast help . Thank you !

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Thank god, glad to hear that. :heart::innocent:

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