I got unfair rating

So today I checked my profile to see that I get a poor rate without any reasons.
The guy who gives me this rate purchased from me " $10.00 Chili’s 3-Choice" 1 week ago, I gave him a neutral rate because he didn’t complete the transaction & he made me wait for three days until the transaction completed automatically.
He has more than 1000 good rate that’s why I didn’t talk to him to complete the transaction fast because I thought he knew what he should do.

This is my profile:

and this is his profile:

Order Picture:

Hey @DunnBiscuit can u help me with that?

Submit a ticket to support here. They can remove your rating too

I sent some tickets in the past and still didn’t get any response.

3 days now & still no response from any moderators

Can you send me the ticket number so I can check it?

PM me with that info.


Check your PM

Did u check it?

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