Need help remove an unfair poor rate..

Hello Gameflip Community, im the owner of Lazy Games KeyShop. Need help with a unfair rating removal. 2 days ago had a guy bought my steam game code which is $2.50. After 2 days passed since he bought my game i messaged him to complete the transaction. He completed it but left a poor rating to me because he was pissed that i asked him to complete it. The code worked fine tho

Order ID: 52ed4185-811d-4f94-854c-e23344eebca1


Do contact Support regarding it as well. Which side is faster depends so best to contact Support while waiting here.

My personal advise would be just wait out the 3 days since you already waited 2 days after giving the item if the buyer doesn’t reply to prevent unnecessary bad ratings in the future. There will always be people like the buyer so it is best to just leave 1 message kindly telling them to complete transaction after giving item. If they don’t reply, just wait out the 3 days as mentioned.

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