i want to delete my poor rate

Order id: f8225b64-a916-4e87-b6d7-1c73be843ee8. I delivered in 2 hours and he gave me poor.

The moderators need your Order I.D and your invite code. @MajorTom @DarkKnight

don’t set your name to online if you are not gonna deliver it quickly , it says online but you deliver almost 3 hours later. i would do the same

I bought from this person the same day as you, he delivered in a few minutes. If your name stated you was online but you weren’t, that will stop you from deleting the rating.

Hey @Deniz_Buyruk,

I have verified for you and it seems that the rating was already removed.

Also, I can see in the listing that you set the shipping to 1 day delivery. In this case, I would have removed the rating for you since you have the right to deliver the item anytime during that day.

God Speed! :trident:

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