Bad review from buyer

So is it deserving to get bad review while i delivered the item inside 24 hrs?? He never texted me and it was a holiday for me. Mod please check on this

Unless you specified somewhere that it would be sent before 24 hours, this is a review that shouldn’t take place… Probably someone who just wants to give bad reviews. @DarkKnight should be able to take a look, he might need your profile code but I’m sure they can pull from that order #.

Ty. My code is GRHWMK

if you typed delivery within day, it will be removed wait for it when mod check this out.

Can you tell me:
¬ Did you specify the delivery time?
¬ Did you have a tag in your name?

It was a post listed with normal 1 day delivery time. I was asleep with offline status when the person purchased it. So no time specificed nor any tag in name

U can check the messages too.

it will be removed just wait for an mod to see this topic and it will be removed man don’t worry at all.

I have reviewed the messages, since I can not do anything about this, I will request for a higher moderator to review this.

@Aurora Bro, you just Joined 1 day ago lol, By the way @Bilyboiz if you still have the problem you have to contact a moderator for that.

@adam_saber Ok, but more help than you since you only copy other’s messages in an attempt for help.

of course man, i will help my best, just don’t tell the users to give you their code and you are not even a mod man lol

Am so confused. Where do i find a mod to help

@DarkKnight @DunnBiscuit @MajorTom they are mods and leaders :blush:

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Like how will they see my post?? What do i have to do

You have to send messages to them

Hello Bilyboiz,

After further checking into your listing description and deliver time, I have removed the negative rating and comment.

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